Rockar created the original e-commerce platform trusted by the world’s largest manufacturers and forward-thinking dealers.

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Fully Transactional Websites

Our platform is totally unique. We have created a compelling journey, allowing customers to transact online themselves in one seamless process. The platform empowers customers to do everything they can do in a dealer but from the comfort of their own home. It’s not a ‘one size fits all’ approach, we tailor your platform to suit your customer needs and business objectives.


Digital Retail Environments

Our unique digital store concept brings your brand to life in high footfall shopping centers. The stores are designed to reflect the brand in a more pure environment and deliver an immersive experience in a relaxed environment, where your customers can chat to friendly staff, take solo test drives, browse the selection of cars on show, and purchase their new car instore or at home.

Our Clients & Partners

Rockar have worked with some of the world’s biggest forward-thinking brands to help bring their omni-channel strategy to life.


Jaguar Land Rover

As our world showcase for omni-channel retailing, the Rockar JLR omni-channel operation uses our proven and powerful ecommerce platform and store concept to drive significant year on year order growth.
To arrange your personal tour and discussion of our showcase and to discuss how Rockar can help your business become successfully omni-channel, email:



Rockar worked closely with Mitsubishi to develop their Buy Online technology and digital store concept. This facility differs from other internet-based vehicle buying portals, in that Mitsubishi customers can choose how much or how little they use the online service in their car-buying journey.



The Rockar ‘Store within a Store’ concept, brings something truly unique to the car industry, opening the FordStore inside NEXT Retail, Manchester Arndale. Rockar powers Ford’s buy online technology and provides a Customer Support team which is also used to underpin their FordStore.



Hyundai was Rockar’s very first partner where we proved the unique Rockar concept would and could work. Rockar built the first ecommerce car-buying platform in the world and opened two digital stores, selling 1500 cars and more than half of those journeys completed online. Delivering a new to brand ratio of 94% and an average age of 39, Rockar had sold to untapped customers which was a transformational for the brand.

Why we do what we do.

The Rockar technology was born out of founder Simon Dixon’s frustration of the customer experience offered by the industry. The 100-year-old process only offered the customer an intimidating way to buy a car. This inspired him to create a concept that would become a car buying game-changer: Rockar. Rockar’s mission is to change that perception, making car-buying simple and even exciting.

The Rockar Way.

Rockar puts the customer back in the driving seat. Empowering them to shop for their new car in a way that most suits them, customers can choose a finance option that suits them, value their current car, search and configure, and then buy online. Rockar’s award-winning platform enables customers to do this via a click of a button online or from a Rockar digital store.


Omni-channel doesn’t have to be a headache. We work with our clients every step of the way offering expertise, support, training, fulfilment and more. Our hands on experience has led to the creation of the “Rockar Way” which saves time and removes the risk of going it alone.


The customer journey whether online or instore, is simple, easy to follow, informative and to the point.


The journey is the same every time, consistently reliable with the service and information.


The platform is accessible at home, on mobile or instore making it available 24 hours a day.


Pricing is broken down and visible to ensure nothing is hidden from the customer.


We constantly move forward with what our customers tell us, learning and evolving to offer the best journey.


Here at Rockar we make sure that who we are and what we do is visible and clear for our customers.

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